Ricotta Cannoli

Yum! Really this is something that falls into the once in a while category of food, because they’re just so yummy and once you make your own I don’t know why you’d bother buying them. I do cheat however and buy the shells from a fantastic bakery at the Preston Market. You get 16 shells for $5 add some ricotta, cream mixed peel & cinnamon and you have a dessert that will knock peoples socks off and make a fantastic impression!
You will need: 300g fresh Ricotta, 1/4 cup mixed peel, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 300mls cream & 1/4 cup caster sugar & cannoli shells.
Combine all ingredients into the bowl of your mix master. Beat until thick and check the sweetness, if you have a very sweet tooth you can add more sugar, but they really shouldn’t be too sweet.
Fill a piping bag and squeeze the mix into the shells. Dust with icing sugar and serve, you can make these a few hours ahead of time. Enjoy!


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