A week until Ramadan

Which means this time next week my DH will be fasting from Sunrise to Sunset in accordance with his Muslim beliefs. It also means I will be mainly cooking Moroccan food of all kinds, each Break Fast is a bit like christmas lunch on a daily basis for a month.

Everything from Harira to Tangia, Tajines, Stews, Desserts etc. Dates feature heavily as do more traditional meals like Bessara a dried broad bean soup. I will aim to include recipes of everything I cook over the month. It’s very labour intensive, everything has to be ready dead on time and as you can imagine a starving husband who’s been at work all day isn’t always a happy husband.

Thankfully Sophia is 1 now and I am hoping things will run more smoothly than they did last year when I was feeding a newborn baby & trying to cook up a feast every day for a month.. No mean feat I have to tell you, so while I am not necessarily looking forward to the next month I am looking forward to mastering some of the more challenging recipes that come from a Moroccan kitchen, try as I might I have yet to be able to make 1000 hole pancakes as they do in Marrakech.

My Tangia however is something out of this world. By the end of the month we (Zachie & I – Hafid will be in heaven as he’d much prefer I dish up the food he’s eaten all his life instead of continuously trying to get him to taste new things) will be so over Moroccan food it won’t be funny, but by then I think I say that’s it – we’re having Italian, French or Aussie month!

To get the ball rolling yesterday I preserved Lemons & was most amused to see in ‘The Sunday Life’ a recipe for doing the same, however traditionally we use salt, water & lemons & don’t remove the flesh when using them in dishes.

You will need: Clean glass jars with tight-fitting lids, Lemons, Salt & Water

You simply cut the lemons into quarters without cutting all the way through the lemon, pack them into the jars and add about a cup of salt to a litre size jar and fill with water. I used smaller jars and added 3 heaped tablespoons of salt to each one.

Ensure the lemons are tightly packed and covered with water, put in a dark cupboard for at least a month before you use them. If you have a lemon tree then we need to become friends as we use preserved lemons at least 2 or 3 times a week.


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