Easy friday night dinner

By the time friday night rolls around really the last thing I want to do is have to think seriously about what to cook for dinner, this was particularly the case last night as I’d had a very busy Friday.

I figured the easy thing to go with is a favourite standby which is my easy version of Pasta Marinara which includes prawns, garlic, tomato, parsley & onions. I will post my delicious gourmet Spaghetti Marinara at another stage, which is just as easy.

You will need (serves 2 adults & 2 kids)

500gms of fresh prawns that have been peeled & cleaned
1 medium onion diced
1 large clove of garlic
handful of parsley chopped
400g tin of crushed tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste.
1/2 tsp sugar – optional
Your favourite pasta. I generally use spaghetti & approx 400g

Fill a large saucepan with hot water & a pinch of salt, bring to the boil & add pasta, boil until al dente. In a large frying pan add a dash of olive oil, the onions & garlic, fry until translucent , add the tomatoes & a dash of water to loosen the tomatoes, season to taste, if the sauce is particularly sour (this will depend on the type of tomatoes you use) then you can add a small amount of sugar to adjust the taste. This more than likely wouldn’t be required if you’re using home made tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes. Add the parsley & stir to combine. Simmer for 5 or so minutes to allow the sauce to reduce slightly
Add the prawns and simmer gently until they’re just cooked through, approx 5-7 mins. Just remember that they will continue to cook in the sauce so you turn off the heat as soon as they turn pink.

Drain the pasta and add to the sauce, stir so that it’s coated in the sauce and serve with an extra sprinkling of chopped parsley.

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