Which came first the Chicken or the Eggs?

I have to just add that I am with Jamie Oliver on this one – if you are going to eat chicken, please buy the best you can afford and make sure it’s at the very least free range, we have some great suppliers of free range & or organic chickens here and having done my research they’re also Halal which won’t matter so much to the masses but does to Hubby.

Woolworths have Macro who do free range & free range organic, there’s Lilydale who do the same, La ionica which I can get at the Preston Market & so on, you just have to keep an eye out and shop around, if you’re on a tight budget like we are then when you see one marked down buy it and stick it in the freezer until you need it!

Eggs again in my opinion should always be free range & despite what you may see at Coles or Woolies you DON’T need to pay $9 a doz for them, I get 700gm free range eggs from the Cramer St Market in Preston for $4 a doz, there is also an egg shop at the market who has organic eggs as well. I don’t buy free range eggs from companies like Pace etc on principle as they are predominantly battery hen egg producers.

If you don’t live near a good market like the Preston, Vic, South Melbourne or Prahran Markets then check out a Farmers Market or something similar, I have decided because we are on a budget that rather than eating crap food we’ll always buy the best we can afford & therefore I don’t always use a lot of chicken but when we do it’s always free range & where possible organic.

You will taste the difference, the chickens will be happier & healthier and it’s just much better for you and the world, think of it as good Karma!


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