Home made Tomato Sauce

Usually we’d be making this towards the end of Summer to make sure we’ve got a cupboard full to last as long as possible. Last year was my first attempt at home-made passata, sugo or tomato sauce depending on what you want to call it. We (Mum and I) made two types, one with onions & tomatoes and one with garlic and tomatoes, I think from memory I made some with everything as well.

You need to be collecting jars through the year so you have enough to fill, but if you want to make some instead of using tinned tomatoes then the same technique applies. You also need to make sure if you are preserving the sauce that your jars & bottles are spotlessly clean & they’ve been sterilised in the oven. That you pour hot sauce into hot jars and seal them straight away. I sealed the jars with their metal lids and you will hear a click as the vacuum seal sucks in as the jars cool. If you don’t hear this then you need to re heat the sauce, re sterilise the jars and start again, as it’s the only way you’ll keep your sauce from going off, if you push the button down and it holds that’s the same thing.

Now just so you know this is the I have 2 small children and don’t have all day to spend bottling tomatoes cheats version, the purists out there will be tsk tsk tsking because I don’t take out the seeds etc, but it was delicious and no one complained so I am sticking with my formula.

You will need:

Ripe tomatoes

Brown onions


Olive oil

I worked on the ratio of 1kg of tomatoes to 1 onion & at least 1 clove of garlic & I didn’t bother with de seeding the tomatoes but you can if you want to.

Boil the kettle so you can blanch the tomatoes. Remove the core and cut a X across the bottom of the tomato. Place them in a large bowl and pour over the boiling water, this helps you to remove the skins very easily.

Place the tomatoes into a blender and puree. Mean while add a little olive oil to a large saucepan & gently fry the diced onion & crushed garlic, add the pureed tomatoes and bring to the boil and simmer for at least an hour or so, you want the sauce to thicken, but not be really thick. Think the same consistency of a store bought sauce. You can also add a little salt, pepper and sugar if required and to your taste.

If you like your sauce/tomatoes to be chunky then you diced the skinned tomatoes rather than puree them, it’s really up to you. That’s it, so easy, from memory I think we did about 5 or so Kg of tomatoes and ended up with about 12 odd jars of sauce, sadly they didn’t last very long in our house, but it was one of the best things I’ve done as not only is the sauce YUMMY it’s convenient as well, you can simply boil some pasta, heat the sauce and combine with some parmesan and you have a very delicious meal!


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