Sardines a la Marocaine

Yesterday at the market they had sardines for about $5.50 a kg, okay so I had to clean & gut them but I figured even with 2 kids in tow I could give it a go and knowing how much Hafid LOVES them I figured it was worth the effort. $5 got us 28 of the little suckers!

The fish monger showed me how to clean them and I used that one as my guideline. It really wasn’t as hard or as disgusting as I thought it would be, I was very thorough though and removed the poo tube as well.

Gave them a good rinse and put them back in the fridge until dinner time.

Sardines are a wonderful fish especially if you can get them fresh and these little babies were so fresh, their eyes were lovely and clear – crystal in fact – which is the sign of a fresh fish and they smelt lovely and salty like the ocean. Again another good indicator of freshness.

Because they’re so delicious & fresh I went with the simple way to cook them, I made some chips (still trying to master them – I think it’s all in the spuds but that’s another post) a salad and the sardines.

You will need:

Fresh sardines 1kg was enough for us (2 adults & 2 kids)

1/2 cup plain flour

2 tsp salt, ground cumin & paprika


Oil for frying.


After you have cleaned the fish combine all the spices and flour in a bowl, heat your oil to just before smoking point and dust the fish in the flour shaking off the excess. Fry them in batches, you can pan fry them or deep fry which ever you prefer. Cook until golden and enjoy!

I promise, hand on my heart our 2 children loved them, Zachie is 3 1/2 & Sophia is 15 mths and they had a field day, I did remove them from the bones for them, but if you’re game you can just nibble away and all you’re left with is the bones in the middle.

I will try to make a video or at least photo’s of how to clean a sardine, because we’ll be having these again!

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