Grocery Shopping

We’re having some folks over for dinner tonight, a dear friend has come home for a holiday & we’re meeting her boyfriend for the first time, so we thought we’d do a tajine, but Hubby said, let’s have a BBQ, I went to get some steak from the halal butcher. All good so far, then headed to Woolworths to get mushrooms, sour cream etc for the mushroom sauce to go with the steak.

Some kipfler potatoes, feta for the salad and some lettuce. Some of you may know that usually I buy our vegies from either the Preston Market or Aldi… well OH MY GOODNESS!!!! $10.99 a kg for button mushrooms – bloomin daylight robbery! I think the most I’ve paid for them recently is about $8.99 a kg or less.

I couldn’t believe it.. I have definitely jumped well and truly on the Aldi bandwagon and I don’t think I will be getting off any time soon. Never mind that I am saving heaps of money and getting a lot more bang for my buck, but the vast majority of things ARE Australian made! Not so at Woolies, Select biscuits that were supposedly marked down to $1.99 are normally priced at that & they’re made in Canada… Happy to support the world economy too, but the argument that Aldi doesn’t have Australian products just isn’t true.

Now I am not into bagging supermarkets as they obviously provide a service and good produce etc, Woolies for the most part has a fantastic selection which you do pay for. I just wish they would be honest about prices & don’t try to scam the general public, just like free range organic eggs at Coles for $9.00 a doz is ridiculous! I figure the $$$ are better in our pockets than those of the big supermarket chains!


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