Seasons are changing


How gorgeous are these eggplants, spotted at the Preston Market yesterday, Autumn is in full swing, ch ch chilly mornings, days filled with glorious sunshine, watermelon is $4.50 a kg instead of its summer price of $1-$2. Mangoes are out, crisp Royal Gala Apples are in as are Artichokes, Fennel & Cauliflowers, Olives & Lemons aren’t too far away, and how could I forget Mandarins definite sign Autumn is here and Winter isn’t too far away.

Explaining to our nearly 4yr old why we are NOT paying $6.50 a punnet (250g) for Blueberries is an interesting battle of wills.. but he is getting the drift of seasonal buying, start them young I say! So much so that at his request his birthday party will include a BBQ, Watermelon – the last one until next summer – cucumber, carrots & cheese & chutney sandwiches just like Bob the Builder.

So when you next head to the market, even though I am sure like us you can pretty much buy whatever you like from anywhere in the world, think about local & seasonal, there are so many wonderful dishes you can come up with from seasonal produce and it makes summer all the more special as we have Mangoes to look forward to not to mention peaches, nectarines & plums some of which seem to be hanging around still.

Happy days are here!


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