Coats the back of a spoon

Surely you have heard of this… but what does it actually mean? Exactly what it says, the batter, mixture, custard etc should coat the back of a spoon, just like this, simple easy plain as day. Here’s to custard lovers everywhere, this one is for you!




We are metric, there I said it, in Australia we’re ahead of the pack in more ways than one, we drive on the Right (Correct) 😉 side of the road, things are in celcius, metres, centimetres, kilometres, grams & kilos and they have been since 1966 – there was a song about it too. Even though we now have a generation of people myself included who have only ever been taught the metric system yet people still refer to things in feet & inches, pounds & ounces.

This usually only happens when refering to someones height or the weight of a baby, but that said it still seems strange – no so strange when translating recipes from your Grandmother or even your mother. We’ve come across a few recipes that are from a time where the oven would have either been wood or coal fired or a slowcombustion which is a bit like an arga I think, I think I do also remember my Grandma’s slow combustion stove, but I can’t be sure… it was a long time ago.

In Morocco our “Oven” is antiquated at best and it’s a wonder things turn out as well as they do, I have practice though on our oven which has no temperature gauge which is a good way to learn how to cook and how to tell when things are done. They were talking about this on Masterchef the other night and how you tell when things are cooked, the Chefs at school used to say it’s cooked when it’s cooked without giving a time frame and it used to frustrate me no end.

But it’s true… it’s cooked when it’s cooked… you can tell by the smell of a cake, the feel of a streak, the look and feel of a roast & the colour on biscuits (cookies). Remember bread sounds hollow when it’s cooked and you tap the bottom.

If you put your thumb & forefinger together and feel the meat on your thumb that feeling or resistance is the same as when you push the meat of a steak for Bleu, Thumb & middle finger is rare, thumb & ring is medium & thumb & little finger is well done – as a rule of thumb 😀

So here is a bit of a list – from a cookbook we’ve had for over 50 years… all you need to remember is brown sugar is usually packed and the recipe would indicate whether it’s lightly or tightly packed.

Oh and here in Australia 1 cup equals 250 Mls, it takes 4 cups to make a litre (1000mls) a teaspoon is 5 mls, a tablespoon is 20mls.

A good tip I heard once was to place a sheet of baking paper in your oven and leave it there for a while, you will be able to see where the hot spots in your oven are. I hope this helps with your baking.

Home delivery Fruit & Vegies

A few weeks ago we had lunch with a friend when her box of fruit & vegies were delivered to her door, looking at what was available all freshly picked and packed got me thinking… With 2 small children, one of whom has taken to questioning every purchase we make at the supermarket and constantly saying we need this, we need that has started to wear a bit thin with me, add to that working part time as well and feeling a little like there are not enough hours in the day I decided that I’d give the home delivery option a go.

I love going to the market and hand selecting our fruit and veg and I think I will still do that but this option gives us more than enough fruit & veg for the week, it’s seasonal which is fantastic, it’s organic – even better and compared to organic prices at the market it’s very reasonably priced. It will also ensure that we actually only buy what we will use for the week rather than having too many of something or another and things going off in the fridge before we can use them.

I have noticed that even though it’s only 2 days a week that our children are in child care they don’t seem to be eating as much as what they would have done if they were at home all week, that an by the time my working week finishes it’s Thursday which is normally the day I head to the Preston Market for a shop.

Anyway, after our box of goodies was delivered yesterday I made spaghetti bolognaise with organic carrots, celery & onions. Zachie ate a pear & an orange both of which he said were Delicious Mummy! So I do think I am on a winner, I just need to remember to let them know – no broccoli or cabbage, that’s the great thing about this service you can say I don’t want Chinese greens, cabbage, pumpkin, sweet potato, kale, chard, silverbeet etc (all of the things we aren’t really fans of or wouldn’t use in day to day cooking.)

I will still head to the market today to buy cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh bread etc but give or take a few items (which you could add to your order) we’re set for the week! Happy days people!

You can check out Victoria Organic Delivery here if you live in Melbourne or even Victoria as they deliver it seems to most places.

We got 6 Apples, 5 Bananas, 3 Zucchini, 5 large Potatoes, 4 Pears, 3 Onions, 1/2 a bunch of celery, 3 heads of broccoli, 1/2 a cabbage, 6 mandarins, 4 oranges, a bag of gourmet lettuce, 3 kiwi fruits & 2 avocados.

Now all I have to do is work out what to do with the cabbage??