What to cook when you work full time?

This week marked my first week back at full time work since our children were born. I have managed to work 3 days a week roughly 9-4 for the last 6 months, but the opportunity came up for a short term full time contract and I thought this could be our litmus test to see how everyone copes with me not being home until 5 or 6pm.

Previously there would be perhaps a night every so often that I didn’t get home til 7 but usually I am home well before and particularly with time to cook a decent meal. Hubby finished work at 3.30, picks the kids up and is home by 4.30 at the latest. Yet somehow he’s struggled to put a decent meal on the table. To cut him some slack it’s Ramadan so he’s doing that all while starving and a tad grumpy! However if this full time work is to become a permanent thing then I need to know how I can make sure our kids aren’t eating plain pasta and pies all week! (Thank heavens there is a new cook at child care who is wonderful and they are getting a decent lunch, but…)

So I put it to you dear readers, what are your tips and tricks for ensuring everyone still eats well when you’re not there to oversee it.

I am thinking things like ready made meatballs, Spaghetti bolognaise, but that’s where my freezer food ends and I wonder how can I pre make things like rice, risotto etc. Is it time to invest in a slow cooker? I could make casseroles and things like that, but Hubby isn’t a fan. Usually we’d just have a barbeque with salad and rice or something similar, but it seems they only like my rice and H can’t quite get the hang of it.. First world problems I know, but what tips and tricks do you have up your sleeves.

I’d love to know xx


One thought on “What to cook when you work full time?

  1. Babe, I freeze veggie bases ( I chop 10 seasonal veggies and lightly cook them into a base) freeze, do spaghetti sauce, I then buy the 1min rice and make; rice with veggies, I make patties from veggie mix with tuna, pasta from bolegnese, I do cheats lasagna (no bechemal), gnocchi with veggie mix, buy 1/2 chicken put veggie mix in stock and have 5 minute soup, it is a tad boring but I use herbs to dress up, I also have a soup recipe u have me that freezes well,tip when freezing put into plastic bags not containers it gives u more room and measure portions so u don’t waste when u defrost 😉 good luck babe what r u doing? X

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