Butterfly Salad – using up your leftovers


Christmas has come and gone as too has New Years Eve and we’ve had lots of left overs in the fridge. Our kids are spending almost every day in the pool and that will definitely be the case for the next week as we head into a week of between 30 & 40 degrees Celsius. I decided yesterday the best way to ensure they eat dinner was to feed them by the pool so I made up a salad of diced cucumber, tomatoes, feta & lettuce dressed with a little balsamic vinegar, sliced some yellow & red capsicums (bell peppers) and cooked up some of the leftover veggies in the fridge like asparagus, add to that some BBQ sausages & lamb chops from the night before and voila you have a salad which was demolished quick smart! Although the asparagus was fed to Daddy 😀 all round though a colourful tasty combination.


Custard Apples

Last Thursday we went to the market and Zachie asked me what that was, pointing to a Custard Apple, “is it a prickly pear Mummy?”  (Just quietly, I don’t think he’ll ever forget the pain of touching a prickly pear). I explained that it was a Custard Apple, but that I didn’t know what it tasted like as I’d never had one, can we try it Mummy?

I asked the lady at the fruit shop what they’re like and she said they’re delicious, although you need to let it ripen a little like an avocado. So we bought one and today it was ready for eating, the skin had gone a bit black in places and the stem was easily pulled out intact which does make me wonder whether that’s a sign that they’re ready to eat?

Anyway, I peeled it & in our excitement I forgot to take a photo of what they look like inside, but it was delicious, very sweet, possibly a little too sweet, but I could see it working in a smoothie or fruit salad and apparently they work in curries too.

I don’t know if I will buy another one, but it was great to have a try of something a bit different and even more fantastic that both kidlets including the neighbour’s kidlet tried it!

Check out www.custardapple.com.au/ for some more information about Custard Apples & what you can use them in.