Custard Apples

Last Thursday we went to the market and Zachie asked me what that was, pointing to a Custard Apple, “is it a prickly pear Mummy?”  (Just quietly, I don’t think he’ll ever forget the pain of touching a prickly pear). I explained that it was a Custard Apple, but that I didn’t know what it tasted like as I’d never had one, can we try it Mummy?

I asked the lady at the fruit shop what they’re like and she said they’re delicious, although you need to let it ripen a little like an avocado. So we bought one and today it was ready for eating, the skin had gone a bit black in places and the stem was easily pulled out intact which does make me wonder whether that’s a sign that they’re ready to eat?

Anyway, I peeled it & in our excitement I forgot to take a photo of what they look like inside, but it was delicious, very sweet, possibly a little too sweet, but I could see it working in a smoothie or fruit salad and apparently they work in curries too.

I don’t know if I will buy another one, but it was great to have a try of something a bit different and even more fantastic that both kidlets including the neighbour’s kidlet tried it!

Check out for some more information about Custard Apples & what you can use them in.