About the blog & I

The feast for Sophia's birthday

I am a person who loves to cook, it rarely becomes a chore for me and I try to make sure everything I make has a little touch of something that makes it special. My Hubby & I have two beautiful children so while I am at home with them this blog allows me to release some of my creativity. They’re my taste testers and really will eat pretty much anything and everything as long as they’re hungry.

I recently started watching Julie & Julia after reading the book years ago prior to moving to Morocco, it’s inspired me to get my a into g and do something with my wealth of knowledge of all things food related. As I lay in bed last night trying to sleep all these ideas were spinning around in my head keeping me awake – a food blog, there are 1000’s out there, why is this different.

Well it’s mine for a start, I aim to include everything from the basics & what to keep in your cupboard as standbys to the classics, brulee, custards, pastry, roasts etc. Moroccan, Italian, food our kids WILL eat, how do we get them to eat. My culinary journey has gone from knowing exactly what was for dinner depending on the day (as a child) to discovering the joys of living in a big city where you could find almost anything. Single life where you eat out all the time to travelling & discovering how much more flavour is in the food in its own country rather than the way it’s interpreted somewhere else.

Married life with children has brought another dimension to my cooking, what will the children eat (anything) what will hubby eat after 38 years living in Morocco & only eating Moroccan food getting him to try new things is a constant challenge (no vegemite, gnocchi or basil) deciding what to cook every night is a challenge in its self especially as there are times when cheese & biscuits would do me.

Inspiration comes from the places I’ve visited, friends and family I have cooked for and those amazing chefs out there like Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Greg Malouf, Karen Martini & Donna Hay who have given me inspiration without even knowing it. Not to mention Masterchef Australia. Yes I could enter, but I am not prepared to give up time with our gorgeous children or husband so this will help to cater to my need to be doing something foodie.

So read on, comment, ask questions and I will do my very best to given answers, provide you inspiration and ideas on how to make the sometime mundane process of what will I cook tonight a bit more fun.


4 thoughts on “About the blog & I

  1. You always impressed Robert with your cooking so much so he always tried to recreact some of your recipes to share with his family on special occassions….he would have loved the idea of your blog

  2. Keep it up Kate. Forget J and J; it’s all about you, your dream and your commitment. We all talk about it … few do it so well done. I will enjoy your journey

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