Farmers Markets

It’s very cold and wintery here in Melbourne at the moment and it’s not about to warm up any time soon with Winter starting officially next week. That said after yesterdays 11 degrees today it was slightly warmer and a little bit of sunshine shone through in the morning so we headed off to a farmers market at one of the local primary schools. Suprisingly I haven’t been to one for a while as really with the Preston Market just down the road it hasn’t really seemed necessary.

Well I have to say it was a wonderful foodie experience, with lots of different suppliers, an organic veggie stall, free range eggs, apples, chutney’s, DELICIOUS tartlets, bread, hot coffee, sausages, pides, face painting, craft stall and being held at the local school meant there was somewhere for the kids to play and hang out safely.

Did you know they were originally purple?

Now all I have to do is work out what to do with my rainbow of veggies! I’d highly recommend checking out your local farmers market when there is next one on in your area, oh and naturally everything is seasonal! Love it!

Oh and we had this for Lunch with some yummy West African dip thingy made from Peanuts, coriander, paprika, garlic and a few other things – all of which we loved.

We had the one on the left 4 cheeses & chives.

P.S. I am really sorry that I haven’t posted anything for ages, I think it’s been a case of writers block combined with a mad rush at work and a pinch of lack of motivation/inspiration – this market certainly put paid to that! xx Kate